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1612 S. Santa Fe Ave., San Jacinto
8,750 Square Feet
2.2 Acre Lot
Seller: Citibank NA
Buyer: Dale Dondel
Sale Date: 5-7-10

This building was a Citibank foreclosure sale.
Dale Dondel is a local off road race car builder who will take advantage of the buildings four roll up doors and huge fenced yard.

4651 Schaefer Ave., Chino
130,896 Square Feet
8.98 Acre Lot
Seller: Peer Properties, Inc.
Buyer: J Kuo's Investments (Diamond Wipes, Inc.)
Sale Date: 12/21/09
Represented: Buyer and Seller

This is a true manufacturing building in a distribution market. Richard Schwartz and I cold called the sellers and relentlessly pursued them for months. We promised them that we would be the most aggressive agents they had ever worked with. We ended up being the third listing agents on the property behind some very high profile brokers. We brought Mark Kegans in with us on the listing because he is a Chino expert and very experienced in that market. Richard and I had been speaking with the buyer for several months before we got the listing. After showing them multiple properties we were able to negotiate a deal for them here. We also assisted the buyer in obtaining SBA financing through Bank of America.

13174 Santa Ana Ave., Fontana
45,898 Square Feet
Lessor: Gonsalves & Santucci
Lessee: Package All Corporation
Lease Date: 2/9/10
Represented: Lessee

Package All distributes drug and vitamin packaging. They are based out of Long Island New York. In mid 2008 I leased Package All about 20,000 square feet of this building. Unlike many other businesses recently, in the last year and a half their business has grown and they needed to expand. They now occupy a total of 45,898 square feet. I helped Package All negotiate a new five year lease renewal and expansion that reduced their per square foot basis by $.15 per square foot. Special thanks to Erik Wanland at CBRE who represented the Lessor for all of his help.

9871 8th St. Rancho Cucamonga, CA
43,000 Square Feet
Lessor: Mandeville Family Trust
Lessee: Can Am Minerals dba Kleen Blast Inc.
Lease Date: 2/9/10
Represented: Lessor and Lessee

Richard Scwartz cold called the owner of this property and we won the listing based on our business plan of very heavy cold calling and marketing. This is a rare small BNSF rail served building. Can Am Minerals sells sandblasting aggregate from Canada. It is much more cost effective for them to haul it via rail. Can Am is an old contact of mine that has four other west coast locations, but none in the LA area until now. They were very excited to learn about this property. Richard and I negotiated a great five year lease. Both parties were very happy. Special thanks to Alex Matheny at the BNSF for his help with the rail.

14275 Telephone Ave., Chino
32,000 Square Feet
Lessor: Grand Equity Development
Lessee: Shield Packaging of California
Lease Date 1/6/10
Represented: Lessee

Shield Packaging is a contract packager for WD-40. They needed over flow space to store empty cans of WD-40 that were headed for China. They did not need any office space. I helped them negotiate a great rate on this 32,000 square foot portion of a 100,000 square foot building. Special thanks to Steve Coulter at Lee & Associates for his help.

1951 S. Parco Ave. Unit A, Ontario
17,400 Square Feet
Lessor: RREEF
Lessee: Durofix, Inc.
Lease Date: 1/11/10
Represented: Lessee

Durofix is a publicly traded Taiwanese manufacturer of small power tools and automotive parts. This is their first west coast location. Many times I communicated with my client while they were in Taiwan. RREEF is one of the more diligent landlords out there so getting them all of the back ground information they needed was a challenge, but in the end I was able to negotiate a good deal for Durofix. Special thanks to Armen Gourdikian at Cushman & Wakefield for his help.