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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Four Small Leases Completed in August

This month I have been fortunate enough to complete four Lease transactions. Details are as follows:

14762 Central Ave. Chino
6,100 Square Feet
2 year sub lease
I represented the Sub-Lessor

13653 Central Ave. Chino
13,380 Square Feet
4 year lease
I represented the Lessee

7240 Sycamore Ave. Riverside
21,928 Square Feet
3 year lease
I represented the Lessor

2036 Francis St. Ontario
5,247 Square Feet
3 year lease renewal
I represented the Lessee

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Signs of Action

In the past two months I have been able to generate offers on properties that I have been marketing for well in excess of 12 months. While these offers have not been fantastic, they are still offers when before I had none. As I monitor the industrial market in the Inland Empire I am now beginning to see a lot of the low hanging fruit being plucked from the tree. The time is now my friends. The market is bottoming. Who know how long it will last? Not I. One thing I can say is real estate is just like any other commodity. It is priced based upon supply and demand. For the past two years demand has been very weak, so prices have been very low. Now, it seems that demand is starting to come back, at least for the very low priced properties. But as these low priced properties get snatched up, there is only one way for prices to go, and that is back up. I don't see this happening quickly, but it will happen in the 12-18 months.